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  • Developing Team Synergy

    Transforming your organization. Do you want to move toward a more productive and agile organization that leverages purpose conducive to profit? Then, let me ask you

  • Finding your voice

    Do you feel intimidated by others or afraid of confrontation, or do you feel like you want to blend in and not draw attention to yourself? Are you struggling with

  • Thrive under pressure

    Do you deal with change on a daily basis? Do you feel like you are dealing with constant pressure in a world of uncertainty and ambiguity? Do people on your team have

Who I am

Betina Mazzarino, NCC, PCC

2801lowI had the privilege of being a film executive producer for many years, and I’ve learned how to get teams working together, going in the same direction, inspiring, delivering quality, and getting things done—no matter what has happened along the way.

I’ve been in the weeds; part of that job was constant crisis management. Things went wrong. People didn’t get along. Emergencies cropped up. Funding fell through. In spite of all of those problems, I was able to inspire our team, focus, beat the odds, and produce world-class work that won awards.

As a result, I believe every team leader, manager, and business owner is an executive producer.

When you think about it, just like an executive producer, every leader needs to organize, empower, and nurture their crew to enjoy working together; create networks of relationships; and create an atmosphere that brings everyone on board to get results and make the impossible possible.

When I’m coaching, training, and facilitating members of an organization, I build my work on values and purpose. Coming from a creative, performing arts background emphasizes my approach for connecting in a human way so that people feel this bond. Through the facilitation of values as the backbone of every leader–team interaction, I train my clients to face complexity, deal with changes on a daily basis, adapt and pivot, and be flexible, yet pragmatic, to move their teams and their projects forward.

My passion is to bring what I’ve experienced and what I learned from my culture and from my work internationally to organizations so that, no matter how diverse they are, the people in each organization can come together.


Professional Certified Coach (PCC) — ICF International Coach Federation
Values Process Facilitator — Values Online Certification
Leading from the Emerging Future — Ulab by Otto Scharmer
The System’s View of Life — Course by Fritjof Capra
Newfield Certified Coach (NCC) — Newfield Network
Philosophy and the Sciences — University of Edinburgh
Performing Artist — Julio Chavez Training School
Conflict Management Resolution  Theory and Tools of the Harvard Negotiation Project — CMI International
Visual Arts and Graphic Design — University of Buenos Aires

Community Leadership

In this section I introduce a body of work I am very proud of. As a VP Entrepreneurs and a board management member of PWN - Professional Women's Network Munich, I led the team that worked on the design and development of the first PWN Global Virtual Entrepreneurship Program.

  • PWN Global - Entrepreneurship Program

    Entrepreneurs Virtual Program

    Developing Business through Mind, Body and Heart The PWN Virtual Entrepreneurship Program  sponsored by the EUBusiness School Because the world needs more

  • Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 7.05.08 PM

    EUBusiness School

    The Professional Women’s Network speaks on the success of their new online program. “The aim of this program is to encourage professional women to pursue and






Microsoft NewsletterMICROSOFT   –  Liberating hidden Talents through Emotional Intelligence

June 16th, 2016| 9:00 – 11:00s

Konrad-Straße 1 | 85716 | Munich



Finding your voiceFinding your authentic voice

How to gain attention and generate impact

September 27th, 2016 |13:00 – 14:00s


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