• Developing Team Synergy

    Transforming your organization. Do you want to move toward a more productive and agile organization that leverages purpose conducive to profit? Then, let me ask you

  • Finding your voice

    Do you feel intimidated by others or afraid of confrontation, or do you feel like you want to blend in and not draw attention to yourself? Are you struggling with

  • Thrive under pressure

    Do you deal with change on a daily basis? Do you feel like you are dealing with constant pressure in a world of uncertainty and ambiguity? Do people on your team have


Community Leadership

In this section I introduce a body of work I am very proud of. As a VP Entrepreneurs and a board management member of PWN - Professional Women's Network Munich, I led the team that worked on the design and development of the first PWN Global Virtual Entrepreneurship Program.

  • Entrepreneurs Virtual Program

    Developing Business through Mind, Body and Heart The PWN Virtual Entrepreneurship Program  sponsored by the EUBusiness School Because the world needs more

  • EUBusiness School

    The Professional Women’s Network speaks on the success of their new online program. “The aim of this program is to encourage professional women to pursue and





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