Finding your voice

September 20, 2015

Do you feel intimidated by others or afraid of confrontation, or do you feel like you want to blend in and not draw attention to yourself? Are you struggling with insecurity when you compare your behind-the-scenes actions with someone else’s top performance?

Having the confidence to speak in front of the people, asking for what you want, or contributing your ideas in board meetings are things that can be incredibly challenging but that also have an enormous impact on your identity as a valuable employee. Moreover, they can contribute greatly to the fulfillment you get from your work because you have valuable experience and knowledge to share.

Leaders know that, to get ahead, get others on board, develop deeper and trusting relationships, and drive results, they must clearly articulate of their ideas and vision.

Finding your own voice and believing that you have value are all essential traits that will make you an authentic, inspirational, and credible leader.

The skills that actors use to move, convince, inspire, or entertain have powerful applications in the world of business and organizations in general, and the good news is that anyone can develop these skills.

Combining my years of theatrical and performance experience with what I’ve learned as a an executive producer, I’ve developed a distinct vision of how to help team leaders, managers, supervisors, and business owners find their voices at work, develop more trusting relationships, inspire their team members to hang on through puzzling times, and foster a culture of loyalty and authenticity.

The program is customized and adapted to the needs of the organization through 
a complimentary assessment consultation.
Contact: Betina Mazzarino +49 176 9605 5528 coaching (at)


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