Developing Team Synergy

September 20, 2015

Transforming your organization.

Do you want to move toward a more productive and agile organization that leverages purpose conducive to profit?

Then, let me ask you this: How is your team working?

Creating the conditions for a sustainable transformation requires a closer look at the human relationships that underpin your organization—the network of individuals without which there’s no way to produce results.

Team Synergy answers the question of how individuals can work differently and how they can work differently as a team. It is about how people in your organization become more human and are able to accomplish what they want to accomplish in nurturing ways that make them feel empowered.

Working with team synergies is the best place to start getting into a deep transformational process that integrates —within the context teams are operating and within their and day-to-day routine— different levels of values-based practices as a source for mindset shift and growth.

The program benefits both the individual and the organization by promoting a culture of partnership and collaboration, developing the necessary competencies, and fostering the practices that produce breakthrough results, boost innovation, and increase productivity through empowerment.

The program is customized and adapted to the needs of the organization through 
a complimentary assessment consultation.
Contact: Betina Mazzarino +49 176 9605 5528 coaching (at)


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